Devotional heart to God

by 관리자 posted Jun 03, 2019


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  One day a woman came in with a beautiful alabaster jar of expensive perfume, she broke the jar and poured the perfume and her heart on Jesus. Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”(Matthew 26:13). 

  God looks at the heart, and the heart devoted to Jesus is the most precious thing that nothing compares to. So, such devotional heart should be voluntary and pure in its intention. I believe that we need to treasure such devotions in each individual’s heart. As a pastor, I have a duty to cherish what is already precious and make it more valuable. Thus, it is my job to find meaningful places in our church where each individual’s devotions can be valued and appreciated. In doing so, I try to make sure that devotions we offered to God takes precedence over the individual ability and the need of the church. 
  Like I said before, on June 2 and June 9, new Mokjas and Mokyeos will be devoting themselves to God. I am really thankful and thrilled for this ceremonial event. This ceremony is a worship that God will be pleased with. This Sunday, HaeJun Chong, and ByungWook(Michael) Son will be raised as Mokjas. SunWha Chong and JiMin(Jamie) Yeo will be raised as Mokyeos (Please refer the last's week's Pastor Message for more info). Next Sunday, NuriBae will be raised as Mokyeo and SeoYoungPark will be raised as Mokja. 

  The husband of Nuri is the Sunday school teacher YoungKwan Cho. He had already devoted himself to be a Mokja before he got married to her. But I waited 2 years for Nuri because I did not want her to be Mokyeo just because her husband is Mokja. In this 2-year term, I think NuriBaehas prepared her devotional heart to be Mokyeo. And now is the time for her to offer her heart to God and to the church. 

  SeoYeong Park will be raised up as Mokja. It has been only 2 years since she believed in Jesus. However, we cannot measure the devotional heart by the length of time, I believe that she has the love and a pure heart that God will be pleased to accept. I think it is my turn now to entitle her as Mokja and bring her up into the new ground where she can pour her love and heart. 

  When I go to heaven, I really want to meet the woman who broke the jar of perfume. If I can go back into the time of the Bible, I want to see her devotion in person. This Sunday and next Sunday we can experience it here at Hanmaum church! We will be participating in this holy and precious ceremony where new Mokjas and Mokyeos will be offering their devotional hearts to God. How thankful and thrilled we are to be part of it!
Pastor Choi